Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thompson to Supporters

It has been a fabulous 24 hours for Fred.

Fred dominated the South Carolina debate on Fox last night--I hope you had a chance to see it.
Pollster Frank Luntz's Fox focus group after the debate declared him the clear winner. And virtually all the pundits agree. Watch the video here.

But there is more great news: Today Fred was endorsed by the highly influential Human Events, the weekly conservative periodical. Human Events has advocated the conservative cause for years.

It has been on the front line of conservative vs. liberal battles and consistently has led the charge.

You may recall that I worked for President Reagan in the White House and I know for a fact that he read every issue.

Here's a key line from their endorsement: "We conclude that Thompson is a solid conservative whose judgment is grounded in our principles." Read the endorsement here.
But there's even more good news.

Fred is having a fantastic South Carolina tour on the bus! He is drawing big, enthusiastic crowds at every stop.

With last night's commanding performance and the boost from an influential conservative publication, Fred is poised for a South Carolina breakout!

From the beginning of this campaign, our strategy has included a strong showing in the states that President Bush carried in 2004. These so-called "red states" are awarded bonus delegates for supporting President Bush. Our polling shows that Fred is stronger in those states, primarily in the south, interior west and the non-industrial Midwest. Our strength lies in the states that matter most.

A victory in South Carolina for Fred will propel him forward into the next round of states whose delegates will give him the nomination.

He's on the ground, pounding it out stop after stop. We're up on the air with a strong television campaign. Now we're working hard to raise more money to put into radio advertising, moving influential surrogates around the state and other critical voter contact programs. We have a great ground game. All the pieces are in place.

We need your help to pull it out!

Our Red Truck Challenge has achieved it's goal and our television is purchased--now we need to add on these other key programs.

We need to keep the Red Truck Challenge going with the best online fund raising day we have had since Fred's announcement.So we have increased the goal to $750,000.

With Fred's strong supporters and our momentum I know we can make it.

Will you help?

Make a contribution today. Please donate $25, $50 or $75 right now at

Use our Phone for Fred program and help us contact some voters. Forward this message on to your friends and family and encourage them to become a Friend of Fred and join our online community.

We have an historic opportunity. Help us make it happen.

Help us finish funding our campaign for the crucial South Carolina primary today.

Thank you.
William B. LacyCampaign Manager

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