Friday, January 18, 2008

Ron Paul Addresses Crowd of 600 Bob Jones University Students and Faculty Members

1/17/08 GREENVILLE, S.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul addressed an estimated crowd of 600 at a speech held at Bob Jones University.
The event – which was only open to university faculty and students – quickly filled the room with over 200 people, leaving hundreds of others waiting in the hallway and peering through windows to hear Dr. Paul’s message.

Congressman Paul delivered his message of freedom, peace and prosperity to the crowd, which consisted mostly of university students.

“Dr. Paul enjoys great support from college students all across this country who are worried about America’s future,” said Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton. “They have a lot at stake—from Social Security to the curtailing of their civil liberties and the prospect of a draft, the youth of America want a new voice of change and freedom, which only Ron Paul delivers.”

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