Thursday, January 17, 2008


In this diverse field of GOP candidates, McCain stands out as the one best suited to sit in the White House and lead the nation in these challenging times." --The Rock Hill Herald

Excerpts From "McCain Is Best Candidate In Saturday's GOP Primary"
Rock Hill Herald
January 17, 2008

Sen. John McCain is not ideologically pure enough for many conservative Republicans. But he may be the candidate they need in November...

Other candidates in the race fall short for one reason or another. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney seems constantly to be reinventing himself to suit the mood of the electorate he is wooing. Former Sen. Fred Thompson, though suitably conservative for many voters, seems to lack the drive needed to win the nomination. Rep. Ron Paul surely was more comfortable running as the standard-bearer for the Libertarian ticket in 1988 than he is as a Republican presidential candidate.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, once considered the front-runner, may have gambled and lost by ignoring the opening small-state contests. Giuliani's one-note refrain of "9-11" limits the appeal of his candidacy.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee brings a refreshing and distinctive voice to the campaign. His populist appeal to voters may mark the beginning of a new conservative coalition. But some of the planks in Huckabee's platform, particularly his ill-advised "Fair Tax" plan, which replaces all federal taxes with a broad national sales tax, and his lack of foreign policy expertise are serious drawbacks.

McCain, though he occasionally bucks the party line, is reliably conservative on most issues. He has been a supporter of the Iraq War from the start, although he has taken issue with how it was prosecuted. He also was an enthusiastic supporter of the recent troop surge and has committed to remaining in Iraq for as long as necessary to establish a secure government there.

McCain is a fiscal conservative who wants to end federal earmarks and control spending. Although he took heat for initially opposing the Bush tax cuts, he now favors extending them.
He believes that global warming is a real threat and supports a cap-and-trade policy to encourage corporations to reduce carbon emissions. He also calls for more nuclear power plants and expanded development of alternative energy, but opposes federal subsidies for either.

In regard to health care, he opposes a mandatory, government-administered system. Instead, he calls for tax credits and expanded health savings accounts to make health insurance more affordable for all.

But we support McCain not simply because of a laundry list of his stances but because of his consistency of values. As a certified war hero and a veteran of 25 years in Congress, he has little to prove to himself or voters. You take him as he is, or you don't...

In this diverse field of GOP candidates, McCain stands out as the one best suited to sit in the White House and lead the nation in these challenging times.

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