Friday, January 11, 2008

Huckabee Responds to 527 ad re: Dumond

"Governor Huckabee feels deep sympathy for Mrs. Davidson's loss. He is also appalled by this ad, which cynically exploits the profound and private grief of a mother in a truly despicable way, and recklessly abandons the truth of the case. "It's extremely unfortunate when 527 groups, exploit the victim of a crime and put their families through this public exposure again for political gain. How far do we have to go to say enough is enough? "Democrat Governor Jim Guy Tucker, not Mike Huckabee, gave executive clemency to Wayne Dumond, and commuted his sentence to 39.5 years. Tucker’s action made Wayne Dumond immediately eligible for parole. "The parole board that released Dumond was made up entirely of Democrats appointed by Democrat Governors Bill Clinton and Jim Guy Tucker. Not one member of the board was appointed by Huckabee. "The ad quotes parole board member Ermer Pondexter as saying she was pressured by Governor Huckabee to free Dumond. She and other Democrats on the board have made the same allegations in every election year. The people of Arkansas weren’t fooled by it in 2002 and the people of Iowa weren’t fooled by it earlier this year."

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