Saturday, January 12, 2008

Giuliani to Supporters

When I joined Rudy's team last year, I did it because I believed so strongly that he is the right person to be our next President - ready to show the world that leadership is what really matters.

From day one our campaign has been focused on a national strategy built around the new primary calendar. We've budgeted conservatively and effectively targeted our resources to win. But now we need to do everything we can to make sure Rudy has the resources he needs to be strong through February 5th.

I know I have asked you many times to help Rudy over the past year, but I am asking you to dig a little deeper. Everyone on the campaign is doing all we can to conserve resources to help Rudy get elected. Many staffers, including me, have volunteered to give up our paychecks this month, and we are running a very lean operation in order to devote everything we can to elect Rudy the next President.

Will you help us one more time? Please click here to give $25, $50, $100, $250 or $500 as part of our Drive2Five effort for Rudy. Ask your friends to visit as well and sign up to join the team or make a contribution.

Since January 1st, we've had an amazing 8,500 new supporters join Team Rudy - well on the way to our goal of 20,000 new supporters by February 5th. Each has their own reason for supporting Rudy. David from Loxahatchee, Florida said he donated to Rudy because "Rudy is the most refreshing candidate in the sense that he possesses the best qualities of common sense, strong convictions, and unmatched commitment to keep America strong. Rudy's new proposed tax plan is the most creative and well thought out pro-growth policy that is simple enough for the average American to understand. His excellent track record as a leader in difficult times shows me that he is ready to keep America great and prosperous!"

David is just one of many Americans across the country who are coming together to support Rudy. To view more comments, add one yourself or help Rudy by contributing, please visit

I cannot thank you enough for all the support you've shown Rudy over the last year and your continuing dedication to help the campaign over these next few weeks. Rudy greatly appreciates it and knows he couldn't do it without you.

Michael DuHaimeCampaign ManagerRudy Giuliani Presidential Committee

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