Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bloggers on Romney

Mitt Romney: This Week’s Comeback Kid ?
By Doug Mataconis Republican primary voters whose greatest concern is the economy could give Bloomfield Hills native Mitt Romney his first major state victory in Tuesday’s Michigan presidential primary, according to the Detroit Free Press-Local 4 ...
Below The Beltway -

Mitt Romney’s Supporters Exposed
By Kevin Last week sometime I wrote a blog entry about a confrontation a group I was with had after some sore losers who had been supporting Mitt Romney campaign interrupted our post-caucus celebration. Well, apparently we weren’t the only ...Kevin Tracy -

Mitt Romney Gets Booed For Attacking Ron Paul
Mitt Romney Goes Negative, Identifies another Candidate as siding with enemy !
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For those who say Romney is too perfect...
By Karl Basham(Karl Basham) Here is a fun little video of him and his family on one of Mitt's days off. I like the part with the kids watching the thunderstorm and when his son tries to light the whole box of firecrackers while standing over it. ...

Alabama for Romney or Mitt Romney... -

Great Article on Romney in Jewish World Review
By Mitt Rockers(Mitt Rockers) When Mitt Romney took office as governor of Massachusetts, the state had a $1.2 billion deficit. Four years later it was in surplus. He boasts that fourth and eighth graders in Massachusetts achieved the highest scores in the nation in ...

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